Luxury apartments offering great service and panoramic views

Residences Moscow offers exclusive apartments for rent for permanent, long- or short-term accommodation, a homely atmosphere, utmost comfort and personalized service.

The newly renovated building of the legendary Moskva hotel is truly ‘a city within the city’. The property not only offers to its guests and residents 88 luxurious apartments for rent with the best views of the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre and the historical center of Moscow, but invites you to enjoy the art of modern shopping in the SEASONS gallery, go on a gastronomic journey in multiple gourmet restaurants such as PESHI, take advantage of the convenient underground parking, or be the first to visit one of those sensational movie premieres in the multiplex VIP cinema.


Being hidden from prying eyes in a bustling metropolis is a real luxury of our time. Residences Moscow offer their guests not only exclusive interiors and excellent service, but also the highest level of privacy and security.


The majestic building of the legendary Moskva Hotel, one of the largest in the USSR, was built in 1932-1935. designed by the Soviet architects L. Savelyev, O. Stapran and A. Shchusev.
Being at the epicenter of the country's political and cultural life, back then the hotel played many roles: a leading destination for international summit meetings, a "second home" for prominent Soviet artists, and an impregnable fortress during the hard days of war.

In 2004, the hotel was dismantled. In 2013, a new and even larger building was erected. Today, it is designed to meet all the requirements of modern life in Moscow.

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